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Bristol Personal Trainer: Exercise and Fitness

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For an all-round health and fitness programme, look no further than Bristol Personal Trainer. Any personal trainer will provide you with an exercise programme, but Bristol Personal Trainer offers so much more than that, starting with nutrition advice, sports massage and injury prevention exercises. The full service is available to all Bristol Personal Trainer clients, whether training for world-class events or hoping to lose a few pounds in time for your wedding day. With a flexible schedule, Bristol Personal Trainer can work at a time and place to suit you. Whether you prefer exercising in your own home, in the gym or outside, Bristol Personal Trainer will travel and transport all equipment to the location convenient for you.

Bristol Personal Trainer understands that exercising isn’t always what you want to do after a hard day at work or first thing on a Sunday morning. Working alone it can be all too easy for you to make excuses to stay on the sofa. Working with Bristol Personal Trainer makes exercising fun, and you are always more likely to stick with an exercise regime when training with a partner. Contact Bristol Personal Trainer today to stop making excuses to yourself and to start on your path to health and fitness!

Bristol Personal Trainer: Meet the Trainer


“I am Adrian Hannath, a Bristol Personal Trainer. I currently live in Henleaze with my wife and two children. I have been working in Bristol and London for over twelve years with individuals from all walks of life who each have their own goals and needs. As a personal trainer, my job is to make sure that those goals can be reached effectively using my training and experience. I am a regular trainer at the Clifton Berkeley Centre but can also be hired independently so you can train from home, gyms and parks.”

Personal training is a great way to get the advice needed to make the most of your workouts and to understand the exercises you do. Adrian the Bristol Personal Trainer is an accredited and experienced personal trainer with the ability help you to achieve your fitness goals. Adrian has experience of working with all types of individual all with personal requirements ranging from those who may not have exercised properly for twenty years or those who are looking to improve performance.

  • NASM Personal Trainer Certification and Performance Enhancement
  • ACSM Qualified Health and Fitness Instructor
  • ACSM Nutrition for Performance
  • ACSM Resistance Training
  • CYQ Exercise with Disabled People
  • Register of Exercise Professionals

Whatever your goals, Adrian the Bristol Personal Trainer will ensure they are reached. Years of experience and a desire to see you succeed mean that your time spent training will be the most effective way for you to exercise, lose weight, gain fitness, train harder or meet your individual targets.

bristol-personal-trainer-fastAvailable across the whole of the Bristol areal,  Adrian Hannath the Bristol Personal Trainer can help you achieve your dreams! Your body is your best asset and resource, it carries you through the whole of your life and taking care of it is paramount. Bristol Personal Trainer will provide you the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you develop and support your body as it supports you!

Whether seeking to achieve fitness for sports, well being, aesthetics or confidence, Bristol Personal Trainer can help you get to where you want to be. By setting goals that follow the SMART system, Bristol Personal Trainer will show you real progress in your workouts that don’t plateau. Without over training and pushing you too hard but by careful programming, Bristol Personal Trainer will show you results. Bristol Personal Trainer Adrian is available in Bristol for home sessions, outdoor sessions, gym sessions or anywhere you feel comfortable. Call 07968 543 509 for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Workouts

Available across the whole of the Bristol area, and on both weekdays and weekends, Bristol Personal Trainer will work flexibly with you to schedule your workouts, either individually or in couples or threes. Workouts can be outside, inside or at a local gym, and all equipment will be provided by Bristol Personal Trainer, all you need bring are appropriate clothes, shoes, water and enthusiasm!

bristol-personal-trainer-runningAll kinds of fitness activities will be explored by Bristol Personal Trainer on your behalf, until you find the activities you enjoy best to optimise chance of your reaching your goals. Whether this includes weight training, cardio, sport, boxercise, dance and many other activites, your fitness journey with Bristol Personal Trainer will be fun and driven to your success. As an enthusiastic, friendly company, Bristol Personal Trainer will help to inspire you in an encouraging way! Dicipline and dedication from Bristol Personal Trainer will encourage the same in you, taking your body to where you want it to be!

Bristol Personal Trainer: Goals

Your goals will be discussed and developed carefully by Bristol Personal Trainer in your first sessions; whether this involves your desire to ‘get fit’ or ‘get strong,’ your goals will be clarified into something where you can see yourself achieve. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Action-orientated, Realistic and Time constrained, this system implemented by Bristol Personal Trainer will ensure that you see the results you want.

Bristol Personal Trainer is highly qualified in sports science, nutrition and sports massage. Injury prevention and injury treatment is very important to Bristol Personal Trainer. Bristol Personal Trainer can provide rehabilitation for injuries where you wish to restore full function, and pre-habilitation where weaknesses have been identified and wish to be avoided. Injury can slow the progress of achieving your fitness goals, Bristol Personal Trainer understands and emphasises the importance of careful rehabilitation.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Results

Whether engagements for long or short term, regular training with Bristol Personal Trainer will give you the encouragement you need to make progress. Short-term, intensive boot-camp like programs are available to kick-start your fitness programs. Longer term blocks can also be arranged; in 8-10 week carefully programmed cycles. Where training programs are aiming for peak fitness for a specific date such as a competition or race date, Bristol Personal Trainer will carefully program de-load weeks to achieve this peak in time for that date!

Bristol Personal Trainer understands that everyone’s body works differently. Tailoring a fitness programme to the needs and abilities of a new client is the first and one of the most important steps on the path to turning around that new client’s life.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Losing Weight

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Bristol Personal Trainer is proud of the many success stories of its clients.From losing and keeping off large amounts of weight, to increasing training for a specific sporting challenge. Bristol Personal Trainer has overseen and supported many clients in achieving their goals.

Going to the gym can be a bewildering experience. Let your Bristol Personal Trainer make the most of your exercise and routines to ensure that you achieve all of your health and fitness goals

Let Bristol Personal Trainer introduce you to the equipment, explain how to maximise the benefit of every moment of your workout, and advise you on your own personal fitness programme.

Alternatively, Bristol Personal Trainer can train you at in your own home if you prefer, transporting a range of fitness equipment.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Personal Targets

Bristol Personal Trainer will set you personal targets, and is happy to provide motivational support by phone or email, as well as regular check-ins to discuss and tweak the programme if necessary. All equipment is provided by Bristol Personal Trainer, so all you have to do is get in touch.

In order to progress effectively, Bristol Personal Trainer offers a range of health and fitness tests to be completed at the beginning of any programme and at monthly intervals during its completion. This enables you to measure your progress and for Bristol Personal Trainer to identify any points that need extra work.


Bristol Personal Trainer: Training for All

Bristol Personal Trainer works with clients of all levels of fitness. Advice ranges from postural advice to motivation. Bristol Personal Trainer’s aim is to make exercise enjoyable so that you are able to stick to your programme and to enjoy the journey to your new body, as well as the end result. Whether you are looking for one-on-one support, couples training or group training, Bristol Personal Trainer can provide the service you require.

Bristol Personal Trainer can also work with you to draw up a personal nutrition plan to complement your fitness plan. This ensures that your goals are reached safely and effectively. Using the latest reseach and knowledge in the health and fitness industry, Bristol Personal Trainer will give you the tools and the support you need to achieve your goals.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Leaner, Stronger, Agile

Bristol Personal Trainer aims to make you leaner, stronger and more agile, so that you can feels better about your body and what it can achieve, and so that you carry this positivity through to all areas of your life.

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Bristol Personal Trainer has available a range of programmes, including fat loss, muscle gain and muscle tone, each tailored to the individual. Bristol Personal Trainer also offers a Wedding Package, as well as a programme especially designed to help new mothers feel themselves again – and this programme can be completed alone or with a friend or group.

Bristol Personal Trainer specialises in circuit training, core stability, resistance, spinning, running and kettlebell training.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Designing Fitness Workouts

Bristol Personal Trainer is experienced in designing workouts to fit around any existing injuries, such as back or knee problems, which you might have thought would stop you exercising for good. Let Bristol Personal Trainer aid you in finding your way around health problems and to maximise your fitness.

Bristol Personal Trainer guarantees that all client data and information will remain strictly private and confidential.

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Bristol Personal Trainer: Dedicated to Getting Fit

Nothing helps lift your mood more than exercise with Bristol Personal Trainer. Exercising with your Bristol Personal Trainer does more than help you shift the pounds and shape up, Bristol Personal Trainer will help you feel better about yourself inside and out. You will begin to see the benefits of Personal Trainer Bristol almost immediately when you begin your sessions with Bristol Personal Trainer.

Boosting your mood and having the determination to succeed are the immediate effects of working out with your Personal Trainer Bristol. If you would like to talk to one of our personal trainers in Bristol then go right ahead!

Bristol Personal Trainer: Learn to Love Exercise

At the moment, working out may seem like the most boring and unappealing way to spend your time. Bristol Personal Trainers know that the best and quickest way to get results for people is to teach them to love workouts. The more sessions you have with Bristol Personal Trainer, the more that exercise will become second nature.

bristol personal trainer running coupleBristol Personal Trainers love the jobs that they do and they will teach you the enthusiasm that they have for sweat! Exercise becomes addictive for most people when they see the results. Bristol Personal Trainer will help you to get to the place that you want to be in as little time as possible.

Bristol Personal Trainer: Losing Weight with Personal Trainers in Bristol

Bristol Personal Trainer has always been obsessed with feeling an looking the best that they can. This has become such a passion that Bristol Personal Trainer wants to spread the enthusiasm for health to everybody else. If you are looking to tone up or shift those pounds then Bristol Personal Trainer is here to help you get the body that you want. If you are stuck with no motivation, one session from Bristol Personal Trainer will have you working up a sweat and loving it! If you are fed up with your out of shape and overweight body, call Bristol Personal Trainer.